27 May 2010

plans for the weekend?

unfortunately we are not heading to the beach, however we are heading to asheville in about an hour. then meeting up with some friends from ny. and then partaking in some wondrous bbq (careful there is sound on that site). my parents do this every year ... a whole weekend of smoked foods leaving me feeling, well, ill for the following two weeks. SO WORTH IT though.

have fun, be safe, see you tuesday.


sometimes it helps to be reminded.

{via ffffound!}

26 May 2010

i'm a sucker for a breezy summer dress.

and well, this one fits the bill.

remember that couch i wanted to reupholster?

well it is in the early stages of actually changing. right now it's only in the stage of throw some drop cloths over it and call it a day, but that is pretty significant for our household.

ps - anyone have any awesome sources for lampshades? we are in desperate need of a few and can't find anything that moves us. we also need a new coffee table, but that is an entirely different conversation.

25 May 2010

you have no idea.

i want a ceiling like this so badly i can nearly taste it, which is weird because what would a ceiling of lights taste like? i like to think ginger ice-cream.

{amazing ceiling can be visited while in new york at the gramercy park hotel}

24 May 2010

neon, sail, oh my.

i'm starting to feel guilty (and a bit obsessive) about my lust for j.crew and everything they sell. but i still want this bag.

lost before lost.

yesterday mas and i were lost in the woods, for at least two hours. at first it went unnoticed, but then, after a while, we just never quite made it back to the car, crossed creeks we really shouldn't have been crossing, and it was getting dark(ish). three hours after we turned around from our one and a half hour hike in there was mention made of perhaps reassessing our situation. random thoughts were blurted ... at least we have the chocolate bacon bar ... worst case scenario we sleep under our rain jackets ... i guess we could fill our empty water bottles with creek water ... perhaps we should have eaten lunch ... can you believe frances is still walking? but before i started hyperventilating* (sleeping under our rain jackets, are you KIDDING ME?) we figured out where to go, and two hours(ish) later we were back at the car with one blister and a craving for gatorade**.

so cut to 10 pm, we finally are home, dinner is on the stove and LOST is queued. we stay up until one (which is holy shit late for me) finish LOST and very nearly re-start the series from the pilot right then and there. but we can't because it's a school week and we are stupid tired. i guess that will just have to wait until tonight. because honestly i'm not sure how i feel about the ending and i think i need to watch the entire series again to be sure.

*it wasn't quite this bad, but only because mas started working on calming me down before i really even knew i was about to freak out ... i love him.
**frances was only slightly parched and fairly exhausted ... though you would not have known it in the wilderness.

21 May 2010

happy friday.

do you have plans for the weekend? i told mas it was time to get serious about cleaning our little cottage (we call it a cottage now, the bennett cottage to be exact). while i'm sure you can imagine his excitement, i can imagine our cottage will be just as much of a shit hole once monday comes around as it is today - but i am sure that means we will have a fun weekend. perhaps a trip to chapel hill for falafel and grocery shopping? maybe a bike ride in the uwharrie national forest? we've been meaning to go for a while now...

funny thing, when i say clean mas always comes up with really fantastic things to do, and how can i say no to that?

{image by michael schnabel}

no point in stopping with the housewares now.

i've been spending quite a bit of time researching housewares recently. i swear you would think that we were in the market for a complete home makeover ... we're not. so for now maybe i can just add some placemats to the mix? placemats that i LOVE? placemats that are dying to live in our house, and um maybe a tray(the wee chick, obv)?

all placemats and goods by a most fabulous find, simrin.

20 May 2010

and a few for our kitchen.

i've been obsessed with jorine oosterhoff ever since i saw her tea set (one day i will own the entire thing) but now she has to add snout cups? oof is she trying to KILL ME? i would like one of each please, thank you very much.

one for my office please.

{flat light poster from moss}

19 May 2010

i don't hate them.

in fact i'm pretty seriously drawn to them.

i am, however, only slightly weary that the small floral patter will read more like tweed, which is um, not what i look for in a summer shoe.

{wedges by gap, i know, the gap}

18 May 2010

the perfect clutch (and backpack?).

i found it, the one on the left, it will be mine.

and while i'm at it, could i possibly need a backpack? i've been traveling a lot. between paper and electronics my purse is kind of full. i've not purchased a backpack since college. perhaps it makes sense? now is the time? yeah, i'm not really selling myself either. but that won't stop me from wanting.

{all by rachel comey. 1, 2, 3, 4}

i'll take the rainy days.

because on the rainy days, it doesn't really feel like you are going to die of heat stroke. and it's only may. i seriously might have to escape west for the summer, the WHOLE summer. but for now, isn't it just so pretty?

{images from one of our morning walks)

17 May 2010


i like them, but i think you know this.

stripes, i like them too ... maybe especially in our guest room?

{bow, bathroom}

we escaped for a long weekend.

with our friends from new hampshire, a couple of tents and frances. it was a delight.

12 May 2010

pretty pictures of cevd.

yeah, i know i swooning madly over here. to see the rest of the shoot that goes along with the save the date swing on by once wed.

{image by jose villa}

can i live here please?

and here i go .... wanting to paint our walls white, not grey. mas LOVES me.

{images from lo bjrulf for an ikea photo shoot, i know right?, via green wedding shoes}

we're growing things.

as in foods, in a garden, that we will eat. i know, i too can hardly believe it. but it's true. and you can keep up with it all (and our eating adventures) here.


11 May 2010


we LOVE caramel in this house. we will eat it on pretty much anything, or even nothing if it comes to that. we just can't get enough. for a while there we were 100% devoted to this deliciousness, but the other day while i was perusing the we love jam site for some blenheim apricot jam i discovered a little extra treat ... fleur de sel caramel. well i couldn't pass it up (come on could you?). it finally arrived last night, and well, it is the most delicious caramel i have ever tasted. we spooned out half the jar into our bellies and now are in need of more. buy some, NOW. you won't regret it.

10 May 2010

butterflies, california, husband.

last friday mas and i spent our day cutting and hanging butterflies (mas the cutting and me the hanging) at the shop in los alamos. it was a few hours well spent.

and then we gorged ourselves down the street at flatbread.

04 May 2010


i'm *actually* looking forward to it this year.

{image from alicia bock via sfgirlbybay}

03 May 2010

elisa strozyk.

i am in love with the wooden textiles, but i must say her weaves are oh so nice as well.

01 May 2010

los alamos.

this little town has my heart, but i think you all know that. mas and frances joined me for a few days this month and i gotta say it has been nice (mas left this morning, boo, but frances is still here, we have tons of fun in the sun together). also a fun part of this trip ... i'm house sitting for someone who has two black labs, six fish, two cats, three donkeys, three horses and a hot tub. did i mention i am RIDICULOUSLY allergic to horses? um, yeah. i went to love them and came away with two arms full of hives and a runny nose. it kills me not to be able to touch them, KILLS ME.