24 May 2010

lost before lost.

yesterday mas and i were lost in the woods, for at least two hours. at first it went unnoticed, but then, after a while, we just never quite made it back to the car, crossed creeks we really shouldn't have been crossing, and it was getting dark(ish). three hours after we turned around from our one and a half hour hike in there was mention made of perhaps reassessing our situation. random thoughts were blurted ... at least we have the chocolate bacon bar ... worst case scenario we sleep under our rain jackets ... i guess we could fill our empty water bottles with creek water ... perhaps we should have eaten lunch ... can you believe frances is still walking? but before i started hyperventilating* (sleeping under our rain jackets, are you KIDDING ME?) we figured out where to go, and two hours(ish) later we were back at the car with one blister and a craving for gatorade**.

so cut to 10 pm, we finally are home, dinner is on the stove and LOST is queued. we stay up until one (which is holy shit late for me) finish LOST and very nearly re-start the series from the pilot right then and there. but we can't because it's a school week and we are stupid tired. i guess that will just have to wait until tonight. because honestly i'm not sure how i feel about the ending and i think i need to watch the entire series again to be sure.

*it wasn't quite this bad, but only because mas started working on calming me down before i really even knew i was about to freak out ... i love him.
**frances was only slightly parched and fairly exhausted ... though you would not have known it in the wilderness.


  1. Sounds like quite an adventure. Glad you made it back in one piece. ;)