01 May 2010

los alamos.

this little town has my heart, but i think you all know that. mas and frances joined me for a few days this month and i gotta say it has been nice (mas left this morning, boo, but frances is still here, we have tons of fun in the sun together). also a fun part of this trip ... i'm house sitting for someone who has two black labs, six fish, two cats, three donkeys, three horses and a hot tub. did i mention i am RIDICULOUSLY allergic to horses? um, yeah. i went to love them and came away with two arms full of hives and a runny nose. it kills me not to be able to touch them, KILLS ME.


  1. Oh no how awful for you! Horses are the best..... I hope your hives have calmed down....

  2. i'm allergic to pretty much everything that has ever existed. the answer, benadryl.