27 May 2010

plans for the weekend?

unfortunately we are not heading to the beach, however we are heading to asheville in about an hour. then meeting up with some friends from ny. and then partaking in some wondrous bbq (careful there is sound on that site). my parents do this every year ... a whole weekend of smoked foods leaving me feeling, well, ill for the following two weeks. SO WORTH IT though.

have fun, be safe, see you tuesday.



  1. this pic made me smile, have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, the picture reminded me of camp and camp reminds me of summer and then you had to go and mention bbq! Damn the rain that is predicted for us this weekend.

  3. mmm BBQ, lovely, I however will be at the beach here in Chicago...
    I wish I could have BQQ AT the beach.