13 July 2011

life lately.

ohmygod i cannot even start with the stories of the past two weeks, but they kind of involve the following :

- movers coming and "packing" our stuff.  they say they are going to give it all back to us, but it's been a week and we've heard not a peep.  it's interesting, and slightly worrisome.
- TWO stomach flues ... for me alone.  one might have been food poisoning, or maybe not, but either way it sucked.
- we moved out of our hotel and into OUR HOUSE!  ok so we're in the basement apartment ... or as they call it here ... the in-law suite.  the kitchen doesn't exactly work, and the internet is still unavailable due to comcast taking their sweet time getting us our modem, but the shower sprays hot water and we have a working ac unit.
- the floors upstairs are nearly done being refinished!!!  you guys, this owning a house thing is FUN.
- mas has started work, frances has become insanely popular amongst her neighbors and i've, well, i've gotten a job.  this working for myself has been fun, but it's also been a bit lonely.  when we found out we were moving to a city, where people actually live and work, i kind of got excited about being a part of something again.  and let me tell you, i think i scored the jackpot.  i'll be working with Suann and helping her set up her new shop, Fifteen Eleven!  you can read a bit more about it, and check out my summer MUST HAVES on her blog

for now i must run back home and save frances from the fumes that are trickling down from the refinishing of the floors.  i'm not sure exactly what we are going to do this afternoon but it might involve the weed-fest in the front yard.

{ginormous ring from catalina brenes, from my summer picks, which i'm pretty sure esb linked me to a while ago though can't remember when or where.}