29 January 2010

and away we go.

charleston next week. a day or two in asheville the week after. and then a week and a half in california after that. maybe this is why my office is a hell hole*?

*i really should say *was* a hell hole, because i somehow pulled it together today, at least i don't feel like suffocating while working at my computer anymore.


we were at one time in our lives obsessed with this show. after a wee break we might be up for it again.

{more fantastic lost posters here, via notcot}

28 January 2010

sharing is caring.

i mean, who doesn't love a funny divorce lawyer? quite practical as well... this guy's probably a good catch.

can i bribe you?

to, you know, vote for me on minted*?

here, here and here?

*you don't have to like mine the best, but if you did, that would be ok too

27 January 2010

i was holding out for this

holding out hope that is. and while i'm not exactly sure what i would use one for, i'm certainly not opposed to trying. i wonder just how life changing (or not) this ipad .. bad name apple, bad name .. will be. that being said i'm pretty sure my dad will order one as soon as humanly possible so i might just wait it out and play with his first.

and for the record, no i anything could replace my library books, i still read the printed word.

wait a minute, a NEON museum?

though the neon museum does sound vaguely familiar i am kicking myself for not getting the details a little bit sooner. i mean we just drove through vegas a couple of months ago, we could have stopped.

26 January 2010

an entire wall please

can you imagine anything prettier than a wall covered in porcelain envelopes? (this might get me off my plates on walls kick that mas is not very fond of)

{via notcot}

a valentine i can get on board with

i know, i love paper goods and hearts, but i simply cannot say that i love where they collide ... valentines day . in fact i'm thinking of boycotting this year. now that we don't live within any decent distance of an in-n-out AND i have officially given up on mcdonalds (our pre-california ritual).

{via etsy}

25 January 2010

do you know how long i have wanted black flatware??

i've wanted it forever actually. it fits perfectly into my all white (but not all of the same) dishes and super-thin, stemless glassware dream. and now i have to go ahead and find it at design within reach and cry, because lets face it, we are NOT in the market to spend that many dollars on flatware.

though i really wish we were ...


my weeks are flying by and i'm not sure how i feel about that today.

21 January 2010

i just look at the pictures.

the only thing i like more than a great piece of literature is a slammin' art or design book. i have way too many of these notoriously heavy treasures (which makes moving a real pain)... but i have no self control. i have my eye on this pretty at the moment. do you have any favorites?

20 January 2010

big bird (circa 08/05/83 aka my 2nd birthday)

just a little something for your wednesday.

19 January 2010

our walls.

we have a fair amount of wall space in our new abode, and while we also have a fair amount of art to place on said wall space, i kinda think we need more. like this piece.

um, yeah.

{twilight embroidery by mario hugo}

18 January 2010

its an obsession :

i have more bathing suits than i have bras which is weird because i don't wear bathing suits very often. but alas i can't help but wanting more ... many more ...

{1 + 2}

{1 + 2 + 3}

apparently it is time for a beach vacation as well. or maybe i will just take advantage of the warm weather and sandy stretches the next time in california (what was i thinking last time?!)

14 January 2010

read the printed word

crossing things off lists is kinda a favorite past time for me. sometimes i even put things on lists for the pure joy of crossing them off. but today, it is different. FINALLY i can cross *project with esb* off my list. because, yes a project that she approached me with over a year ago has finally been completed or um, at least started?

read the printed word
is an effort to keep the printed word (i.e ink on paper) alive and well. in the age of iphones and kindles and interwebs sometimes we forget that half of the reading experience is tactile (or is this just me?). i mean your kindle WILL NEVER SMELL LIKE A LIBRARY BOOK and it will most likely die if you drop it in a bath tub. also you can't stick little notes in between the pages of magazines if you only have the pdf, nor can you rip out those pages of the things you like and tack them on your wall, your real wall, the one made out of plaster...

so if you like the whole ink on paper movement perhaps it might be fun if you joined our little community (ahem post a button!)? if there are enough of you we might even be able to convince esb that there needs to be a book club or something ... and that my friends, would be a lot of fun.


she will.

so i just have to share my perfectly adorable friend's shiny new engagement ring... an absolutely stunning sarah perlis number. feel free to swoon.

so yeah, i ate my way through california

and it was WONDERFUL. more to come once i've settled back in to my v. disorganized north carolina life. much, much, much, more to come.

{image taken at babycakes ... in la}

11 January 2010


i used to keep a journal

but then one day, i stopped. perhaps i could start again?

{one line a day journal available here}

09 January 2010


i've been here for two days and have decided that it's wonderful here. i think i want to buy this jacket and move back. immediately.although i would take the jacket even if i was in north carolina (or anywhere else for that matter).

07 January 2010

try a salchow-triple toeloop with a twist

when my bff suggested going ice skating in santa monica the other day, i was scared. i mean... ice = hard+wet+cold and since i didn't even see snow until i was about 14, very unfamiliar. but, why start the new year off with irrational fears dictating things? it was rad and i didn't fall once... although i'm seriously close in this pic.



{3.1 phillip lim cardigan by way of bird}

06 January 2010

things we need

our house is in need of a bit of love. you know the kind of love that tears down kitchen cabinets, repaints all walls, and tiles the bathroom? (if it wanted to re-do the attic and basement i wouldn't complain, but there is no way that kind of love in entering our domicile any time soon) we also are in desperate need of lighting, and a lot of it. so maybe a few of these*?

*we had two of them in chicago by our besides and i still kinda think we should have TAKEN THEM WITH US.

05 January 2010


this is burning in our yet-to-be named house and it is making me very happy.

04 January 2010


ours started in vermont, with friends, after a semi-last minute decision to drive the 12 hours north and partake in :


and drink

and pizza*

and shiner

and skiing**

did you know i had never been to vermont? i had also never been to pennsylvania (well with the exception of the airport) nor had i been to delaware, nor new jersey (again with the exception of the airport). this means that i have now visited 46 out of 50 states. I ONLY NEED FOUR MORE!!! and they are ... arkansas, oaklahoma, rhode island, and south dakota. mas needs 6 more ... and one of his is alaska (which admittedly might be easier to get than say south dakota).

* this pizza is the once sister of full of life flatbread from los alamos, and we have been waiting for a while to try it. so we went, enjoyed some house made beer, and missed our flatbread. though burlington's flatbread was pretty similar and delicious it is not *ours* and i MISS *ours*

** i am no good at skiing. i pretend i can go down mountains on a snowboard but i've been on actual skiis twice in my life so the jig is up. also i should note that we went cross country skiing, which is um, contrary to my belief, not skiing on flat ground. there are hills and they are harder to come down than they are to go up.