04 January 2010


ours started in vermont, with friends, after a semi-last minute decision to drive the 12 hours north and partake in :


and drink

and pizza*

and shiner

and skiing**

did you know i had never been to vermont? i had also never been to pennsylvania (well with the exception of the airport) nor had i been to delaware, nor new jersey (again with the exception of the airport). this means that i have now visited 46 out of 50 states. I ONLY NEED FOUR MORE!!! and they are ... arkansas, oaklahoma, rhode island, and south dakota. mas needs 6 more ... and one of his is alaska (which admittedly might be easier to get than say south dakota).

* this pizza is the once sister of full of life flatbread from los alamos, and we have been waiting for a while to try it. so we went, enjoyed some house made beer, and missed our flatbread. though burlington's flatbread was pretty similar and delicious it is not *ours* and i MISS *ours*

** i am no good at skiing. i pretend i can go down mountains on a snowboard but i've been on actual skiis twice in my life so the jig is up. also i should note that we went cross country skiing, which is um, contrary to my belief, not skiing on flat ground. there are hills and they are harder to come down than they are to go up.


  1. i LOVE vermont, pizza and skiing. we should be friends. :)
    although cross country skiing sounds ridiculously hard and i'd probably pass out on the way uphill.
    that's awesome that you only have four more states to go!

  2. skiing is not one of my things either, but maybe I'll learn this year? If I can get over my fear of some untrained bunny running me down on the baby slopes?

    I'm glad you had such a ridiculously good holiday. That bubble wrap video, btw--OMG. Crazy funny/disturbing.

  3. I also do not ski. I drink hot cocoa instead.

  4. I am so happy that you made it back to "your" Flatbread... it was wonderful to see you all 3 nights this past weekend! We are so happy to have such a lovely place to share with folks near and far. Travel safe - hope you are back soon!
    I'm also happy we dont use checkerboard (or is it "bored") table wraps.