27 January 2010

wait a minute, a NEON museum?

though the neon museum does sound vaguely familiar i am kicking myself for not getting the details a little bit sooner. i mean we just drove through vegas a couple of months ago, we could have stopped.


  1. fun!

    apparently we have a hologram museum in chicago. random. i should go.

  2. i've been to the hologram museum, and yes you should go ...

  3. I've been to Vegas three times and I've yet to get to the neon museum. I've really REALLY want to go though -- it'd be such a fun place to photograph.

  4. whoa, that would be the perfect photo op!!

  5. I was trying to think of why this seemed familiar and then, yep, I got it: I'm pretty sure the New Kids On The Block filmed one of their videos there. Don't remember which one.


    Seems like an awesome place, though!