25 January 2010

do you know how long i have wanted black flatware??

i've wanted it forever actually. it fits perfectly into my all white (but not all of the same) dishes and super-thin, stemless glassware dream. and now i have to go ahead and find it at design within reach and cry, because lets face it, we are NOT in the market to spend that many dollars on flatware.

though i really wish we were ...


  1. oh how design within reach taunts us with its whole "within reach" that is not actually within reach concept that makes no sense.

  2. I was this close to registering at Moma (or was it Moss...?) just for the black flatware, but it turned out to have a pretty nasty coating on it. I try to avoid ingesting poison with my food.

  3. It was Moss:

    non-stick flatware. why?

  4. more like Design way way way out of the ball park.
    BUT, you know if it is there there will be cheaper knock offs soon!