26 January 2010

a valentine i can get on board with

i know, i love paper goods and hearts, but i simply cannot say that i love where they collide ... valentines day . in fact i'm thinking of boycotting this year. now that we don't live within any decent distance of an in-n-out AND i have officially given up on mcdonalds (our pre-california ritual).

{via etsy}


  1. Love it. We don't boycott (intentionally). I love the holiday, but it's all about the fun part for me, rather than the romantic part. I give cards to EVERYONE.

    D and I were talking about it last week and realized that we haven't actually spent a V-day together for the last three years. And it hasn't been a big deal. At all.

  2. much better when the hearts are shaped like actual hearts.

  3. the thought of not living within decent distance of an in-n-out gives me a knot in my throat. no mcdonald's either? what about the filet of fish? i could never...

    p.s. that card is RAD. valentine's day is NOT.