27 January 2010

i was holding out for this

holding out hope that is. and while i'm not exactly sure what i would use one for, i'm certainly not opposed to trying. i wonder just how life changing (or not) this ipad .. bad name apple, bad name .. will be. that being said i'm pretty sure my dad will order one as soon as humanly possible so i might just wait it out and play with his first.

and for the record, no i anything could replace my library books, i still read the printed word.


  1. It's cool, but... really it makes me nervous! It's definitely not good news for those of us in publishing.

  2. i know so so cool, but where will we end up. It's like on one level wow this is so cool, but on another level we still want to read books and touch stuff.....

  3. A lot of people are hating on it, but honestly I use my laptop for internet, music and watching movies in bed, so this would be perfect for me, and so reasonably priced.

  4. yeah. i don't see it so much as a reading device, but as elizabeth said.

    a good choice for my mom & husband.