30 September 2011

when i sometimes just make it up.

two nights ago i was talking to mas, most likely about frances, and i said something like "she's been quite lacksadaisical as of late."  mas responded with "you know, i've heard a few people ... like reporters on tv ... say lackadaisical ... without the S.  isn't it funny that they are getting that wrong?"

well, that was awfully sweet of him, an ego boost for sure, but wouldn't you know it ... those reporters actually had it right.  we looked it up.  i've been saying it wrong for, well, forever.  so now i've been trying to say it a few times a day to change that bad habit of creating fake words that kind of sound like real ones.   so here goes, lackadaisical, lackadaisical, lackadaisical.

you're welcome.

{paint on paint, tangier from victoria hannan via teenangster's pinterest}

26 September 2011

over the knee.

dear internets.

how do we feel about over the knee boots?  i mean, will i be able to wear them for the next five years?  because if i pay this much for them i will have to wear them, a lot, for thenextfiveyears ...



{riley boots, loeffler randall}

23 September 2011

gold pants, mint mittens.

because can you tell me one person that doesn't need a bunny in gold pants or a mole in mint mittens? yeah i didn't think so.

{tiniest of dressed creatures from courduroy found via @woolandmisc}

22 September 2011

i've gained 10lbs.

it might be a little more, or a little less, i don't own a scale and haven't since my college days. even back then it was a MISTAKE. so i guess i can't be 100% certain, but i can tell you that my running shorts are uncomfortably tight ... and they are made of spandex.  it's been a chore eating anything healthy for the past two and a half months because we've been mostly without a kitchen and apparently allergic to the grocery.  i've stopped by whole foods a few times on my way home from work, but i'm in such a hurry i grab a frozen pizza, lettuce and beer ... that lettuce sits untouched in our fridge to this day because it is jsut too much effort. and then there is the whole no exercising thing.  i run about 3 times a week (at most) despite the fact that i promise myself i will go daily, and as far as i can tell, i have to commute 40 minutes to the closest good yoga studio*.  

but, GUESS WHAT?!  our kitchen is fully functional!  and with the exception of changing out a few electrical outlets and building our island/bar/table combo we are nearly done with making it pretty.  so we are going to take a break on all of the eating out, seriously people it has been NUTS, and stop with the refined sugar, french fries and meat.  we might even go vegan for a spell to cleanse our poor and abused bodies.  but i think i need to have the walls painted and that island thingy built before i start getting serious about complicated recipes, which i feel we will need if going vegan.

but in this two and half months we have found some seriously good (and bad) places to eat in our neck of the woods.  i cannot tell you how lucky we are.  we are six blocks from the best pizza, gelato and coffee in the city, but those will be in a future post, a big one.  for now i'm off to walk frances, because the thought of running in my too tight shorts depresses me.

*does anyone in dc know of a good yoga studio in capitol hill?  something that is hard and will make my legs hurt for the first few weeks back, PLEASE?!?

picture of our first meal, at what has become my most favorite burger in the city, good stuff eatery, on our first night in dc.  i like it more than the shake shack, THAT is how good it is, mas on the other hand is a ray's hell burger type of guy.  how are we still married?