30 September 2011

when i sometimes just make it up.

two nights ago i was talking to mas, most likely about frances, and i said something like "she's been quite lacksadaisical as of late."  mas responded with "you know, i've heard a few people ... like reporters on tv ... say lackadaisical ... without the S.  isn't it funny that they are getting that wrong?"

well, that was awfully sweet of him, an ego boost for sure, but wouldn't you know it ... those reporters actually had it right.  we looked it up.  i've been saying it wrong for, well, forever.  so now i've been trying to say it a few times a day to change that bad habit of creating fake words that kind of sound like real ones.   so here goes, lackadaisical, lackadaisical, lackadaisical.

you're welcome.

{paint on paint, tangier from victoria hannan via teenangster's pinterest}


  1. joe and i were having this very discussion about the past tense of lay, which is also lay. he said that everyone says "laid", so that's what i should say/write, but it's incorrect so it bothers me . he said that people would assume i made an error if i used "lay". he's right, but then would i just be promoting poor grammatical choices by using "laid"? what to do?

  2. didn't know that. thanks for clearing it up.

  3. you don't pronounce the S in lackadaisical?!?! my world is shaken. no really, it is.

    who knew? well, i guess the reporters knew...crazy.

  4. Should it not be "those reporters actually had it right?"