31 March 2011

right now.

for the first time in my life i am going to have my hair done with an idea as to what i want.  normally i go, sit, say "not too much" or "chop it off," and then i leave it to the person who knows about that kind of stuff-the hair kind of stuff.  it's hit or miss, but it's just how i roll.  anyway, this time i want my hair to look like hers ... color wise ... i've already tried the side pony and it works.  i mean my just woke up and look this amazing isn't exactly AS AMAZING as hers, but i tend to stick to buns due to minimal effort.

{hair from, in case you live under a rock and don't know, a cup of jo}

29 March 2011


for the past five months we thought we were moving to asia.  we didn't know exactly when, but we knew that sometime before the end of august we would be on the other side of the world.  we were thrilled.  i was half way to my end life goal of becoming asian and mas was planning weekend excursions to places like vietnam and thailand and beijing.  but then, three or four weeks ago, those people that make those decisions called and said no.  no to tokyo, no to seoul, and no to that wee little japanese island.  it was a bit hard to take.  we had been making plans, reading blogs, ALMOST BUYING PLANE TICKETS.  but then, we thought about it, and decided it would all be ok.  we would just pick up next january and move back to california.  california is almost like japan or s. korea, no?  it was fun few days.  we were making up new careers for ourselves (mas - sommelier, me - doughnut maker) and telling a few of our favorites that was the plan, we were coming back.  it was exciting, and scary ... you know the whole picking where you want to live thing.

and then ...

two weeks ago, the phone rang.  and it was them ... those people that make these decisions.  they said : mas come to dc and we will give you a job that you weren't even considering because it is so good, we promise it will be better than becoming a sommelier and living in the best state in the country.  so, mas says yes, has two interviews, fills out a bunch of paperwork and finds out last week that we are going to dc.  we jump and scream and laugh and high five.  the job is ridiculous and dc is a CITY, a city with things and people and snow and cherry blossoms.  we are to be there no later than july 31.  i am excited.  mas is thrilled.  and frances is ready to walk around where the people are.  i ask if maybe we can move SOONER.  mas laughs and says no.  then the phone rings again, or maybe an email was sent, at this point there are too many changes coming from too many directions i can't quite remember the details.  they say, come no later than june 30th.  so we are going house hunting.

i'm not going to say that i haven't finally found a way of life in this tiny town.  i like my yoga studio.  i like the coffee shop that lets me bring frances inside to sit and drink coffee.  i like the two block downtown/business district that has a train track (with frequent trains) running down the center.  i like the new little deli that opened up around the corner from us that serves ALL LOCAL food and sells dried beans and lentils in bulk and makes their own yogurt.  i like the bookstore.  i like our new house, i still haven't painted it even.  but i am also not going to say that the thought of living in dc makes me so excited i could pee.

25 March 2011

a time to simplify.

i'm feeling a bit crowded with all of the shit we've been carting around for the past few years.  it really is amazing that despite the massive piles we've taken to the goodwill, we still have ended up with things we DO NOT NEED, or really even want.  i mean, that giant dog cage that's been sitting in an attic since we left chicago?  or the yellow and white polka-dot sling backs i purchased while still living in a city, and was apparently under the impression that white fabric flats were worth it.  those flats have been worn once for about five minutes (which is perhaps the only reason they are still white) and that dog cage, well it's just sad.  also we've suddenly become the owners of two desks and THREE dining room tables.  oh and then there is that couch that i talked a big game about ... it's still it's ugly, and green and gold, and somehow, in the last move, lost it's canvas cover.  so this time, FOR REAL, we are going to down size.  we just have to.  or else i will go crazy.

living room image from fernlund + logan architects via fine ting og sjokolade via ideas to steal on pinterest.

perfect outfit via totokaelo, all items can be found and linked on that page.

*i will obviously be wearing my hasbeens instead of these apc sandal-ey clogs

24 March 2011

i has hasbeens.

i might also have bloody feet, but esb swears that if i start slowly and break them in with socks first, they will be fine.  which is good because i'm wearing them no matter what.  they are my perfect spring/summer/fall/winter shoe ... the kind i can *hopefully* just throw on, the kind that will add a touch of non-slob to my slobby self.

swedish hasbeens - t-strap sky high in nature.
also the bokeh firework photo is from erika's flikr stream.

23 March 2011

dude's got my number.

i mean, for real, peter nencini has got pretty and organized DOWN.

his goods are apparently being sold at partners & spade ... and we all know how i feel about them.

22 March 2011

have you ever had that feeling?

you know, the one that kind of makes it seem like things have changed?  and changed forever, and in a big way?  yesterday towards the end of our yoga class i was hit with THAT feeling, which is funny because absolutely nothing has changed in our lives recently.  i mean there has been a lot up in the air, which is honestly quite normal, but no changes.  so maybe, the change i felt was just a calming, or an acceptance of this ridiculous life that is constantly awesome and depressing at the same time?  i'm not sure, but it feels good, really, really, good.

then again, maybe this is all just a side effect of so much yoga.

15 March 2011


i think i'm growing them out. there i said it, now it's real. i am so tired of trimming them myself with results that range from fairly decent to wait a day or two and they will be fine (horrible very rarely enters the equation these days, i should be proud).

10 March 2011

spring ... again

i blame chelsea and esb for sending me into the black hole that is steven alan's spring line.  isn't it just KILLING YOU TOO??

{shirt, dress, tank, dress, jumpsuit and the clouds, well they are from nick hance, aren't they divine?}

09 March 2011

office talk.

ok, so we've been in this house for nearly four months now and it still looks like we JUST MOVED IN.  at first it was fine, because honestly, there was too much travel to notice home, but now, i've been here long enough to know that i have to paint.  oh and i need a desk, or a table really, a work table, for the paper goods that come off the press.  i've got big plans for both and am sticking to gold and a pretty pale pink (i am so ready for pale pink walls).  i'm hoping the work table comes together over the weekend ... maybe even before???  i'll let you know.  oh and if anyone (ahemm, you, confetti system) wants to come and create a gold fringe wall for me, well, i'd be down with that.

{gold wall inspiration, in case it wasn't obvious, confetti system}

08 March 2011

the past couple have days have sent us in a wicked california spiral.  it's time for a trip.  like now.

{photo by abby trys again}

07 March 2011


i used to be nearly violently opposed to ceramic plates, bowls, mugs and really anything that went on a table. i think it is mostly due to the fact that i spent a decent amount of time growing up in the mountains of western north carolina, BEFORE, the hipsters came out and took over.  it was a time when everyone hawked the ceramic shit everywhere.  it was all brown and blue and blandly terra cotta, boring and ugly.  but recently, i've been coming around to the art and beauty that is ceramic pottery. the throwing and the shaping and the glazing. and so our collection has started, we have five ricebowls.  but now i'm thinking we could toss those anthrolpologie plates i found on super sale about 8 years ago and then the chipped cb2 plates that were a christmas present for mas six years ago (a time when we were somehow short on household goods so agreed to purchase only housewares for each other for christmas) and replace them with the likes of these.

{soda fired shallow bowls and wood fired plates part of the motley collection curated by ashes and milk}

04 March 2011

word on the street is ...

mas has to go to florida for work in april, the week of his BIRTHDAY, his 30th birthday.  so the frances and i are crashing, you know, because no one wants to be alone on their birthday (or, um, the day before? i think he will actually be back on the day of).  anyway, i've been looking for the most perfect one piece for a while now, and well, since there might be a beach in my future ...

{white zimmerman suit available at anthrolpologie}

acanthite, hakaan and aegirin.

between the fall collections and my new most favorite pinterest board i've lost all control of TIME MANAGEMENT.

{clothing by hakaan, mineral specimens found here (acanthite) and here (aegirin)}

03 March 2011

waiting for the sun, sunnies.

i need me a pair.

fingers and toes.

an old favorite on my nails, and a new favorite for the toes.  perfectly pale and fluorescent, a new favorite combination of mine.

02 March 2011


spring scarves are my favorite kind of scarves. light, gauzy, colorful, lovely.  what more could a girl want? perhaps a few we are owls scarves.  they make the BEST spring scarves.

01 March 2011


and i'm still getting over the fact that it was just DECEMBER.

{rope and driftwood by quercus design ... um i think i'd like a wall of these prints please ... and shoes and socks from tommy ton via style}