25 March 2011

a time to simplify.

i'm feeling a bit crowded with all of the shit we've been carting around for the past few years.  it really is amazing that despite the massive piles we've taken to the goodwill, we still have ended up with things we DO NOT NEED, or really even want.  i mean, that giant dog cage that's been sitting in an attic since we left chicago?  or the yellow and white polka-dot sling backs i purchased while still living in a city, and was apparently under the impression that white fabric flats were worth it.  those flats have been worn once for about five minutes (which is perhaps the only reason they are still white) and that dog cage, well it's just sad.  also we've suddenly become the owners of two desks and THREE dining room tables.  oh and then there is that couch that i talked a big game about ... it's still it's ugly, and green and gold, and somehow, in the last move, lost it's canvas cover.  so this time, FOR REAL, we are going to down size.  we just have to.  or else i will go crazy.

living room image from fernlund + logan architects via fine ting og sjokolade via ideas to steal on pinterest.

perfect outfit via totokaelo, all items can be found and linked on that page.

*i will obviously be wearing my hasbeens instead of these apc sandal-ey clogs