07 March 2011


i used to be nearly violently opposed to ceramic plates, bowls, mugs and really anything that went on a table. i think it is mostly due to the fact that i spent a decent amount of time growing up in the mountains of western north carolina, BEFORE, the hipsters came out and took over.  it was a time when everyone hawked the ceramic shit everywhere.  it was all brown and blue and blandly terra cotta, boring and ugly.  but recently, i've been coming around to the art and beauty that is ceramic pottery. the throwing and the shaping and the glazing. and so our collection has started, we have five ricebowls.  but now i'm thinking we could toss those anthrolpologie plates i found on super sale about 8 years ago and then the chipped cb2 plates that were a christmas present for mas six years ago (a time when we were somehow short on household goods so agreed to purchase only housewares for each other for christmas) and replace them with the likes of these.

{soda fired shallow bowls and wood fired plates part of the motley collection curated by ashes and milk}


  1. haha, i grew up in NC and know EXACTLY what you mean! my dad & stepmom's house is stocked to the brim with ugly, ugly pottery that they think is just goooorgeous. i'm finally coming around, but i still cringe a little at the clunky mottled brown plates and bowls when I go home...