14 September 2009

lasercut goodness

i hate not having a daily routine because it means that half of my firefox tabs are missing (i have a series of complex internet browsing habits that you don't want me to go in to at the moment) anyway with said lacking routine has come a serious problem ... i haven't visited notcouture.com in a very long time. which is why i missed this necklace :

and this nail polish, but that is besides the point. back to the necklace ... i like it, i like it a lot. and if you like it too you can find it here.


  1. this necklace reminds me of those dendrite necklaces.

  2. you are my hero! during fashion's night out in nyc they were doing free jade manis and when I inquired about the color @ bendel's chanel counter they said it wouldn't be sold in the states! then we had a friend visiting this past weekend from paris who couldn't find it for us either!! I suppose I wasn't looking that hard if I didn't check chanel.com but this is just brilliant- yay!

    oh yeah, love the necklace, too! (;