01 October 2009

guest post : erica

Hello there! This is Erica from…Chicago. No link to my own site because, well, I don’t have one! Being a blogging novice, I am absolutely flattered that Christine has asked me to post alongside Chelsea in her absence this week. Not only is Christine a dear friend but I am also a big fan of her work so when she asks for a favor, the word “no” seems to drop from my vocabulary. Here’s hoping I do Pretty Pretty Paper some justice...and that Christine doesn't mind me posting a video!

In keeping with the theme of all things pretty, I feel like my latest musical obsession is the perfect soundtrack for perusing this site. A couple weeks back I stumbled upon L’Eclipse, a lovely little ditty performed by Sean Lennon and Mathieu Chedid (aka –M–). If you're late to the cool music party like me in this instance, the short history of the song is: in 2006 Lennon released his second album, Friendly Fire and on it is a slightly haunting, yet gorgeous tune called Parachute. In 2007 Lennon and -M- remixed Parachute in French, named the remix L’Eclipse and shot the video below. Not only does the song warm my soul (as does most French pop music) but the video makes me think of the 1960s, Charlie Chaplin and A Flock of Seagulls. All good things. Enjoy!

Sean Lennon et -M-: L'Eclipse

PS- Please excuse the less than awesome quality of the video...YouTube's is better but the embedding link is disabled. Boo.

{Sean Lennon & -M-}


  1. everything sounds better in french, how lovely. thanks for sharing!