05 October 2009

baja {dolphins, seals, jellyfish and whales}

i saw all of them ... a lot. it was fantastic. the first day on the boat we came across a pod of dolphins that consisted of (and i kid you not) at least 500 jumping and frolicking porpoises. then on the second day we swam with seals by a rock about a quarter of a mile from our anchorage. the whales came on the second to last day and the jellyfish (tiny but quite prevalent) we our constant companions. on our journey we saw about seven other boats, and about 6 other humans. the only thing that was missing was the appropriate amount of mexican food for a week long stay in mexico (though we did gorge ourselves on shore before we left). but please don't take this as a complaint about the food, we (or, um, rather a friend of mas' father) caught our dinner the majority of the nights and there was also an ample supply of avocados.

now on to the store opening...

ps - a mighty thanks to chelsea and erica for the guest posts, it is hard to keep a blog alive while in a total technologically black zone, and i appreciate your help. xoxo.