20 October 2009


so i'm not the biggest on incense and when you couple that with my LOVE for candles you get a girl that only burned incense in 7th grade "secretly" in her room when she knew her mother would kill her for it. until yesterday. i came across the most wonderfully packaged and beautifully scented sticks by juniper ridge that now burn in the nest.

i nabbed juniper and white sage, and think they are both lovely.


  1. i LOVE juniper ridge!! Their sachets are amazing, and I gave their douglas fir tip tea out as "stocking-stuffers" for my family last year. Everyone loved it.
    I haven't tried their insence, though-- I will have to get some when I order next....

  2. tagged it. I have a feeling (okay I know) I have squelched H-town's inner hippie. maybe he'll get some in his stocking...