08 October 2009

the goods

first up the miscellany. this is pretty exciting you guys. along with stationery and paper goods *which will be revealed later today* i decided that it would be a good idea to have some of my favorite things around. you know those things i used to be able to pick up in my every day life that i now how to order on-line or venture to la for (because if i like them other people must like them too, right?).

first up candles. i am kinda a candle FANATIC and this made the decision of picking a candle/candles a bit difficult. but in the end i could not have picked a better line to carry. malin + goetz have a pretty fantastic and slightly whimsical line of scents (with pretty killer packaging if i may add) that look oh so perfect on my new shelves. i am starting with vetiver and dark rum, but will soon be adding a few more.

second chocolate. and not just any chocolate, my most favorite chocolate combinations from my most favorite chocolate maker ever ... vosges! did you see that one coming? it was hard but i managed to limit myself to bacon and chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate and toffee and haven't eaten more than one for myself (a feat considering i'm alone with them all day long).

for now that is about it. i didn't want to dive too heavily into the miscellany without knowing what my client base was looking for, but i do have my eye on a few more items for the very near future. i'll keep you posted.

oh,oh please come back later for a look at the paper goods. you guys they are fantastic, i simply cannot wait to show you what i have in store.


  1. Mmm. I am a HUGE fan of the Vosges Barcelona bar with smoked almonds and sea salt -- so delicious.

  2. cevd is on the MALIN+GOETZ site! so excited for you! - kd

  3. oh perfection...your little space is going to be divine!

  4. Ok now you've won my heart. The Vosges pear + masala bar is sweet,peppery, and delicate, but the bacon bar is my all-time FAVE.

  5. awesome. esb brought us some of the chocolate. bacon & mushroom. yum.