07 October 2009

the reason and the benefit

i already mentioned the food that drew us in and kept us here, but there was another reason for the move : the owl's nest. the cutest smallest little house around. coming in at about 550 sq ft this old, wood floored, poor septic system house MADE us fall in love with it. you see, it is chock full of charm. and now that we have our mouse problem taken care of we have found ourselves expressing our love for the nest at least three times a week.

(i will post more pictures once i have them but for now, just a peek into our bedroom)

and with the teeny tiny little house came absolutely zero room for me to work. mas was highly concerned about this and so on his way out of town after the very first visit he happened upon a for rent sign in a window of small retail space and well, the rest you will see later this week.

and now on to the benefit :

besides being able to have my very own space, carrying a few paper and non paper brands that i love, i also happened to have space for a press! it is small but it is mighty and now, all items produced by both cevd and pretty.pretty.paper are all printed in house! i cannot tell you how happy this makes me.

and tomorrow ... the goods. yes, everyone the miscellany that resides on the retail shelves. ohhhhhh i'm so excited about this part!


  1. Yay! A press! What a dream.

    And I love your teeny tiny bedroom. I swear, the more room you have in a bedroom, the more likely it is to get cluttered up with crap you don't need in there.

  2. congrats on the move, and the new studio.
    we want to see more of both!!

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