28 October 2009

it is maybe that time

you know, the time where little things start sticking for different reasons, gift giving reasons and nearly holiday time reasons. i love the holidays. the brisk weather and even more, the ridiculous amount of delicious food. this next month is maybe my FAVORITE month of the year, with the following month coming in at maybe 3rd ... though maybe second, depending on what mood you catch me in. any way, i've started to think of things that people i like might want, and also have started a wee list of my own. it is wee, mostly i would just like snow, but since i can't really ask for something like that i would happily take something like this :

yes a visual dictionary of curiosities. honestly i could think of nothing better ... ever. and an octopus on the cover ... my next set of cards is illustrated with an octopus.

this is on the list as well.

{found via unruly things, available here}


  1. i recently got this and i literally sit in bed each night "reading" the dictionary. The illustrations are fascinating.

  2. ooh love this...looks so victorian.