06 October 2009

going local

so, as you all know i'm opening a studio/shop in a very few days and in honor of the efforts put in to this little rectangle i'm devoting the rest of the week to the story of the new beginning. and where better to start than with the city that started it all? (actually it was a restaurant that started it all, but that will come later in the day)

los alamos
. a booming metropolis of say ... 500 or so people and the home of two fantastic restaurants (1&2), a few antique shops, a couple of art galleries, lots of cows, four chickens that cross the street in the middle of the afternoon, a tasting room, more than lots of grapes and one invitation company.

next up : the food, oh lord the food.


  1. wow, looks like a super cute little town!!! i LOVE it! we're gonna get djuna and come visit frances (and you!)!!

  2. How fun to live in a town this size! Always wanted to do this. Country Mouse is actually in the process of doing it, but her reasoning is different (it involves wanting the kids to raise goats).

  3. I can't make it to the opening but I am DEFINITELY stopping by on my way to San Luis Obispo in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! Good luck!