06 October 2009

the food

it may sound crazy but, for a couple of people who more or less live for food, moving for a restaurant (or a restaurant and an amazingly wonderful and tiny nest) wasn't exactly a hard sell. in fact after our third dinner at full of life flatbread we began scanning craigslist for new homes.

you guys this place is phenomenal. everything served comes from farms and vendors within a 300 mile radius, it is all organic, and all ridiculously delicious. they have one solid constant menu of pizzas (friday and saturday only) but to call this establishment a pizza place would be crazy because they also have a constantly changing menu (and i mean constantly.changing.) of salads, entrees and desserts. on sundays they pretty much scrap their flatbreads and serve supper with some of the best pastas and meats i have ever had.

and now that we are so close (1.5 miles yay!) we eat here almost every day they are open ... almost. so, if you are ever in the area ... stop by for a bite and scan the room for us because we will most likely be partaking.

{photo via flatbread}


  1. Oh my. Sounds wonderful. I don't think it's crazy at all to move (somewhat) for a restaurant...we've talked about it :).