26 October 2009

last weekend

we had a surprisingly not fall like weekend ... surfing saturday morning, which was, well cold. but also fun, and i think i managed to stand up once or twice before my feet turned into ice cubes. i would hands down go for another little adventure, maybe with neoprene booties though ... and a hood, yes definitely a hood.

then there were a few happy celebrations (hello one year of marriage!! for us and some friends).

and the meeting of a pretty fantastic emilia.

over all it was lovely, and very hot here (90 degrees YUCK). but i've decided it is about time i should embrace this weather we have, because one day i will find myself back in a world with seasons and i am sure i will then yearn for at least a little of this non-weather weather.

{fall leaves found here}


  1. I am so touched that I made it into your weekend update! It was so fabulous meeting you! You and your shop are probably the cutest things I have ever seen. :) Come visit San Diego sometime!