19 October 2009

um, yes

we could use a new blanket for our bed (well actually no, really we couldn't, but that doesn't mean we don't want one). and while i was looking at this pendleton blanket i began to wander, and then came across this collaboration, and well...

... it turns out we need a banket, and i need that jacket.

{pendleton meets opening ceremony more available here}


  1. what if I tried to tell you the coat was less impressive in person? plus you've gotta wear an all-black outfit to make it work.

    are you convinced?? I'm really trying over here.

  2. you've visited the jacket in the real world? jealous.

    perhaps i need to make a pilgrimage and judge for myself (not that i have the dollars or anything, but just to, you know, make myself feel better)

  3. um, yeah. I went to opening ceremony when I was in nyc to visit the where the wild things are collection. I wanted the claw ring to be a-mazing, but it wasn't, fortunately.

  4. totally disagree...I LOVE this coat in person and purchased it for fall. It has the cutest flair to it. yes, you have to wear it with neutrals but that's what I normally wear anyways.

  5. Libby, you're not helping. I WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP HER OUT.