22 April 2010

wee little house for me please.

i like this house, it's in marfa, i like marfa. maybe one day we'll have a tiny lil' house of our own, only it will most likely not be in texas. i'm just not sure i want to live there again.


  1. of *course* it is in marfa. hmph.

  2. God no Texas. I love container houses. LOVE them. Unfortunately the boy is set on building a cabin. With logs. That he cut. That he'll have to put together.

  3. a hand built cabin to LIVE IN? oh my how dreamy.

  4. NO. WAY.

    The huz and I were just looking at this house a little while ago. It's called the Lightbox House. If Marfa is the Jets, Joshua Tree is the Sharks. We Joshuans get a little competitive when it comes to middle-of-nowhere artist communities, so in the spirit of modern prefab fabulousness, here's one in my neck of the woods:


  5. And to be fair, here's another rad one in Marfa, by my favorite progressive prefab firm, weeHouse:


    Almost makes a girl consider West Tejas;)