12 April 2010


i've been in the market for a new pair of sailing shoes for a while now, and with the summer practically here already my time frame just moved to imminent. good thing topsiders are all the rage these days ...

what happened to the days when these uber-preppy shoes were reserved for southern boys wearing red chinos and polo shirts with the collars popped?

{first pair, second}


  1. I know what you mean. It feels like nobody has a soul anymore, the way pretty much literally everyone goes about wearing the same things. I live in Texas and I go to visit family in Chicago every other Christmas. The last time we went I was so excited to see what city-hip trends they were rocking but it was all the same thing kids wear here at home. I make it a point to wear what I WANT ( which happens to be bright and pattern-E most the time) just to throw people off and wake them up from their name-brand slumber. I will admit that I have wanted a pair of topsiders though since they came out but, at least my family has an actual boat where they could be of some use.

  2. Except when I see them I only think about stinky feet. I hope your feet will not be too stinky. I hope they will be posies on boats.

  3. yeah, H still thinks topsiders should be reserved for a*holes.

  4. i'll take the cool cats pls.. definitely need a new pair.. mine are tired.