14 February 2012

happy valentine's.

here's wishing you at the very least a good bit of cake ... or brownie ... or doughnut.

frances and i are each other's sweethearts this year and i've already ruined it for her.  so, she's gone back to bed. i might attempt walking down to barracks row and trying out this place for the first time (i think it's the last cupcake only shop i'm left to experience). or perhaps i'll just hunker down into some projects and go for these brownies instead.  or maybe we'll head on out to the suburbs for a lowe's/petsmart trip and just hit up krispy kreme?  our options are endless and all very sugary.

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  1. happy valentimes day to you! and truman says happy valentimes day to frances.

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  3. Hello Cupcake is yummy, but the real treats on Barracks Row are the macarons at The Sweet Lobby. Try the salted caramel ones!