19 June 2010

the intentions were good.

but the follow through, lame. i'm in the mountains for the weekend and i had planned a nice bike ride (it's not even hot here) but instead i sat around painting my nails and drinking coffee. tomorrow is always another day, right?

ps - isn't that hand painted wood grain bike the best? i kinda want to take my bright blue orbea and well, give it a face lift.


  1. I'm still working the pedi from when I saw you last. It's BAD. COME BACK TO LA.

  2. Eh, you can go for a bike ride any time. Time in the mountains is meant for relaxation!

  3. im obsessed.
    I think the misters discovered his new summer splurge.

    Even if i wasn't already tempted, the name "shit hot brown" sold me. ;)