18 February 2011

bird eggs of australia.

i am seriously in love with all of the pretty pastels that have been popping up all over the place.  i've never (or well at least not for a LONG while) been so smitten with such light, ethereal colors, and now i find myself lusting after light pink walls and the palest of blue plates. 

on a side note, it is going to be 75 here today which means, i'm afraid, we've hit spring, like for good, as in pollen soup and summer heat are just around the corner. 

{available here from cake from giants}


  1. gorgeous! very appropriate for spring.

  2. It's 75 degrees here today, too! I'm soo happy about it! Later today I'm going to have a post about the gorgeousness of the weather, I'm just waiting for a Youtube video to upload so I can link to it.