30 August 2012

bathing suits.

for someone who hates the sun, the warm weather and sitting on the beach ... or by the pool ... or anywhere exposed and hot really ... i've a major obsession with swim wear (exhibit a).  so the fact that these might have jumped to the top spot of my must have list is both confusing and completely predictable.

{lauren moffatt swim 2013 via refinery 29}


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    1. yes, it would appear to be so. and i have those hasbeens. which means i need the suits?

  2. I haven't been in a swimsuit on the beach in years, but I think I own at least 10 (very lightly worn) suits. It's a problem. That stripey one piece is calling to me.

  3. Bathing suits and coverups both are interdependent to fashion

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  5. I also haven’t gone into beach parties before, good thing there’s coolsculpting treatment. I could definitely wear bathing suits that look like this with confidence!

  6. Now is your time to start muscle building. I'm envy this kiddos who can still wear such summer outfits. My doctor told me not to lose hope and there's still a lot of time.

  7. Summer is fast approaching, and I must be ready to for those cool swim wears! Good thing I’m already done with my facial skin care , all I have to do now is to have a good workout routine every day!