10 August 2012

our neighborhood rocks.

the eddy, the bar inside of hank's oyster bar's new capitol hill location, has won my heart.  our neighborhood was awesome before their arrival, but now, now we have a place where we can go and grab a not-too-fancy but utterly delicious drinks*.  also, oysters.  yay capitol hill!  i love you more than ever ... which is saying something.

* to be fair our current favorite, the atlas room, fits the above criteria.  dude is serious 'bout his drinks.  but it's a touch further away, sans oysters and, really, it is always good to have OPTIONS.

{the old salt is a lovely combination of watermelon stuffs and tequila and etc.  so light and refreshing and perfect for these fucking hot and humid days (and nights).}


  1. I WANT THIS. I'm coming to DC. Scoot over.