08 August 2012

// i took a break from the internets.
\\ we went to canada, new hampsire, massachusetts, rhode island and new york.  i'm tyring to figure out how to get back to rhode island.
// i continued my break from the internets.
\\ mas' work trips were nixed!
// i decided to quit the internets.  "cancelled" my facebook account, closed my reader "for good," and started writing a farewell to blogging post.
\\ we went to california.  i had a lot of cheeseburgers, mas had a week long class in santa clara.
// since we were on that side of the country, we went to los alamos.  mas is trying to figure out how to get back to los alamos.  ok, i am too.
\\ mas' second round of work trips were postponed!
// i turned 31.
\\ i logged back into my reader.  had too many posts to even consider reading.  unsubscribed to about 50% of my feed.
// i decided that quitting the internet was perhaps just a harsh reaction to a couple of bad days.
\\ we wound up with cable and more importantly hbo.  our one tv is in the basement ... where other people are currently living.  but hbogo runs very well on the ipad.  i've since blown through big love, true blood, and hung.  ok i didn't blow through hung, i stopped watching it.  also newsroom.  we're obsessed.  and game of thrones.

// i missed the internets.  so i came back.  except for facebook.  i think that relationship is over for good.

{photo from our road trip from santa clara to los almos by way of big sur}


  1. Well I'm glad you didn't totally say goodbye. I've always enjoyed your blog and images of life. I am also a huge fan of Newsroom. Such a great show, right? Definitely addicted.

  2. Oh, New Mexico. It contains a big piece of my heart, always. Happy you're hanging around - I too think massive unsubscribing sprees are good for the soul.

  3. July always makes me itchy to quit, to be honest.

  4. I'm glad you didn't quit, too, but I definitely know the feeling. Where would we be without your gorgeous images?

  5. You know what? Every time I'd think of that conversation we had during your visit, I'd remember that you said you wanted to quit and I'd start to tear up. Don't quit, ok? I'm not ready.

  6. yay! you're back and we're {readers} happy again. though i've only been reading your blog for about the last year or so, i've come to really enjoy it. you're really great at what you do. thank you. cheers. xx

  7. 1. Please don't quit!
    2. Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!
    3. Hooray for a little more Mas!
    4. Facebook sucks.

  8. for the past two weeks i've wanted to quit twitter, instagram, my blog, reading blogs... so far i've quit three of the four. unofficially but baby steps, right?

    but please don't YOU quit. your blog is one of a handful of blogs that have made the cut in my i-am-no-longer-reading-any-blogs-because-they-make-me-feel-poor-lame-pathetic.

  9. AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY. i hope you ate cheeseburgers and drank too many brews.