27 August 2012

still summer here.

typical case of the grass is always greener syndrome.  i'm sure once may rolls around and the temperatures are steadily hovering around 45 i'll wish there wasn't evidence of my saying it, but summer ... go away.

that being said, maybe we need to take summer vacations to places that still have glacial ice?  maybe that is the solution.

{image by olaf otto becker via but does it float}


  1. ditto here. the heat finally broke, but it's steadily hovering in the 90s, which is cool enough to make you think it's getting cooler, hot enough to make it seem as if the larger meteorological powers are laughing at you.


  2. Ha! Just got back from a vacation to cape breton. Not necessarily glacial ice, but nice and crisp and breezy and a welcome break from temps in the mid-90s in my hometown.