13 June 2011

since we last spoke.

-- we found a DIFFERENT house, signed a contract, had an inspection, and learned the seller's agent is a tart.  all is still well and closing is set for the first week of july, but i'm completely sour on the entire real estate business (except for our field agent, she is a keeper).  i mean really?  STOP FUCKING WITH US.  i hate the games and the back and forth and the lying.  although i am quite happy that the little smoker lady selling the house has someone looking out for her ...

-- we celebrated father's day a week early.  no one seemed to notice though, which was nice of them.

-- there was a ton of in-law time spent in denver.

-- i turned my lt. pink skinny jeans that always looked a little bit, well ok, a lot bad on me, into a fairly decent pair of cut-offs.

-- frances wimped out on every. single. walk. taken in the past few days due to the heat.

-- i made fruity pebble rice crispy treats and realized that if i just PUT THEM AWAY i wouldn't have to eat all of them rightthisveryminute.

-- we sold our second car.  mas' car.  the nicer, newer one that had fewer miles.  but also came with a cloth top, no jedi-like hauling ability and a monthly payment.  we are now the proud owners of one car and an almost house in a city with public transportation.  mas is only a little bit sad (about the car, not the move).

-- i realized that we are due to leave in less than three weeks.  LESS THAN THREE WEEKS.  i'm so excited i could pee.

{the vast wasteland will become one big landscape, 1 by michael cina ... isn't it wonderful?}


  1. i need cutoffs. what's the secret? should they be a little too big as jeans?

    of course i love to *wear* all my a-little-too-big jeans.

  2. @esb they aren't even kind of a little too big. they are totally tight. the secret is cut them short. i also slit the sides and that allowed me to roll them. slitting the sides was kind of important for my pair too, as they are so tight.

    @nikki do it, you'll keep the butt benefit and chuck the least favorite bits. win/win

  3. good luck with the house and yay for adventures!

    I'm currently selling....well everything pretty much, in order to move. I have to keep repeating "I own my possessions, they don't own me" to stave off panic attacks!!


  4. I think tight cut off jeans would require svelter thighs than I possess, even at the best of times. Sigh.

    Good luck with the real estate madness!