23 June 2011

washington, dc.

in seven days mas, frances the prius and i will pack up and leave nc.
in seven days mas, frances the prius and i will be dc residents.
in eleven days we will close on our HOUSE.
in twelve days i will return to nc and watch the movers pack us up.
in fourteen days i will watch the movers come back and put our stuff in a truck.

why might there be two days in between the pack up and ship out despite the fact that we NO LONGER LIVE IN NC you ask?  i have no idea.  this move has been a logistical nightmare.  when we first called they told us they couldn't get us out of nc until the end of july.  THE END OF JULY.  are you kidding me?  with a lot of phone calling on mas' part and the world's nicest land lords we finally figured it out.  like today.  we are offically outta here on the 8th ... which should give us just enough time to have the floors refinished before our furniture makes the nice day trip north.  another questionable part of this move ... nine days to make the five hour drive?  whatever.  at least i don't have to pack.

oh, and in fifteen days i will be back in dc, for good.



  1. i am so happy for you guys. xox

  2. congrats! i love carrboro but tooooooooooooooooooooooootally understand the desire for more (i.e. an actual CITY).

  3. @celia xo.

    @katie ... we aren't actually in carrboro, but southern pines ... about an hour away. if we were in carrboro this might be a bit harder.