02 October 2008

i may be crazy but,

i have always wanted to have scented candles around my ceremony and reception. i don't know where the idea came from, and maybe it is my insane sensitivity to all things smelly, but i am going to purchase these for the bathrooms and tents. have i lost it? i mean really?
{votivo deep clover candle, aka the scent of our wedding, available here}


  1. bathroom yes! tent no. I personally hate scented candles near my food/drink.

    jeez, give me the award for most opinionated commenter.

  2. I agree. Scented candles near food is just unappetizing...

    PS Did you see your menu was used on A Practical Wedding post?

  3. what if there is going to be a dinner tent and a dancing tent? would they be allowed in the latter? i don't want to make anyone sick or ruin any appetites. but after the eating is over?

  4. Nope. Scented candles are for the bedroom or the bathroom.

    In my very opinionated opinion.

  5. deep clover votivo candles have been my all time favorite scented candle for years. Every time we get a shipment in at urbanic I grab several for myself. I feel like I am always burning them with or without meals. It doesn't bother me at all, but I know to many it does.

  6. I personally would love it. I love scented candles.

    I'm hoping to have candles all over our reception but we're sticking with tealights. I have to deal with shipping things to Jamaica so tealights is the best option for us.

    We got scented and unscented tealights so we will see how that goes!