16 July 2009


i want to go here :

{our beach does not look like this. but i kinda wish it did. because wouldn't it be lovely to lounge by the waves under one of those umbrellas? picture found here}

and wear this :

{no really i want to wear this. it is even on sale. i though $60 was reasonable and i am so tempted to spring for the now $42 suit (by a.p.c.) that perhaps i should step away from the computer}


  1. That is the cutest suit in the history of suits! Get it! It would be lovely under an umbrella.

  2. this is adorable!!!!!!! oh my gosh!

    came here for your help and am distracted by this cute suit!

    i thought i would come on here and ask a few creative bloggers that i love and follow for some help.... i also just posted about it on my blog.

    im going to vegas this weekend with 4 other girls... one just turned 26 yesterday and the other turns 30 a few days after we get back...

    so, the other 3 of us wanted to do something a little special for them while we're there.... probably just pay for dinner but we will all prob give them a little gift individually as well and thats where i need help.

    we are all new friends so we're not super close... just in the stages of getting to know each other.

    i dont want anything over the top or expensive. something just sweet, thoughtful and creative... and i was wondering with all the neat things you come across or just your creativity, if you have any little ideas as a sweet gift for a friends birthday. something small and different, no what i mean? one of my friends is going to give them a card with a starbucks gift card inside but i just wanted something a little more special.

    would love to hear your thoughts! would realllly appreciate it!!!

    thank you so much for taking the time to read this. xo.