10 July 2009

skin series bud vase

the name kinda creeped me out, but i am very much in like with the concept. these lovely little bud vases are made from the most mysterious material. what looks to be porcelain (at least online) is actually a soft and moldable plastic.

we have nary a bud vase in our possession and i think that is just a wee bit wrong.

{bud vases by the might bearcats available for purchase here}


  1. Those do look just like porcelain. I want to touch it.

    So you have a bt too? I want to see pics! I'm kind of obsessed lately...

  2. I have a brown rubber vase that looks like porcelain (though has gotten a little cracked with age, sadly). I call it the "bathroom vase" b/c it works so well on the back of the toilet - no slipping!

  3. yeah, the name's creepy. I like the vases though