24 November 2010

business card, part two. (the better part)

nice of me to milk this one business card into two postings, don't ya think?  anyway check out the back.  it's a qr code, and my latest obsession.  i've been pressing these in different colors to see what works and what doesn't (maybe that will be the third post in a series of what should have only been one).  anyway if you people out there with iphones don't yet have quiqr, i would recommend it.  i mean, i'm littering the world with enough of these business cards* to justify the download ... and maybe even purchase of the iphone.

*i've actually used a qr code for more than just myself ... a few other techy boys actually.  girls you need some qr code love too!


  1. I"m the community manager for Microsoft Tag and I wanted to reach out to see if you've ever created a custom Tag before http://ht.ly/3f6Xv. let me know if you have any questions love to chat with you about Tag.

  2. i'm pretty sure i don't ever want to be tracked, but this is a KICK ASS card.

  3. i love qr codes.. i like to pretend its a secret scavenger hunt and find them throughout the city..
    i think i need my own code! and a fancy card to go along with it!!

    seriously though.. idk why i need a card but i want one..