18 November 2010


mas has never been, but i have.  and while i think we are tied at 46 states a piece, i might be able to convince myself that booking a trip for this summer might not be a bad idea, you know as long as we swing through south dakota* ...

{images by christopher baker for martha stewart living}

* one of my four states not visited ... which sucks because WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO TO SOUTH DAKOTA?! the other three we share ... and they are: oklahoma, arkansas and rhode island.  although now that i think about it, maybe mas hasn't been to idaho either?!  oh i might be on to something here.


  1. Go see Mount Rushmore. It's in South Dakota.

  2. rhode island is pretty great. though i'm not sure it can compete with alaska.

  3. alaska is high on my list of places to visit. there's so much to see, two weeks (my usual vacation length) doesn't seem like nearly enough...

  4. I was born in alaska! kodiak..
    i don't fess up to it very often anymore with you know who running around teabagging her little heart out

  5. Alaska is beautiful and worth a second trip. I feel you though, I only have a few more to go and most of them leave little desire for me to book the trip (Kansas?) But South Dakota is great - the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore and WALL DRUG!