27 May 2008

a daily must

a while ago, when i was still suffering through the chicago winters, i was introduced to this wonderful artist collaborative/information station by the name of the post family. this is one of the most fascinating and well rounded (not to mention easy to read) sites i have come across in a while. i can always count on new posts, and better yet, posts that concern things i have seen no where else. but that is not the best part ... the best part attaches itself to the first descriptive i used - artist collaborative. they as a family spend their time creating quirky prints like these and selling them to people like me ").

all hand printed in their fulton market studio (they are still suffering through the chicago winters), they are for sale at their shop. if you hop on over to their site i would highly recommend reading the short bio for each of the family members. there are a few good links to be found as well as a nice sense of humor.


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