23 July 2010

dear summer ... go away.

i've tried to be quiet, to keep my mouth shut because the west coast is in some sort of extended winter these days, but i just can't take it anymore. the summers in the south suck. 100 degrees with a heat index of something ridiculous like 115 due to this shit humidity, thanks but no thanks. i want shades of grey and sweaters and HOT CHOCOLATE. i also want to be able to walk outside without immediately wanting to throw up or rip my skin off.

{the clothing i want to be wearing by claer via notcouture}


  1. I want to be wearing this too, Although I live on the west coast {so cal} the temp has gotten up to 109 almost melted last weekend, but the outfit is def. inviting and darling.

  2. could not have said it better myself. I'm east coast and there is not enough hairspray in the world to make my curls stay...or enough accessories to make shorts and a tanktop all that fabulous. I'm melting...bring on autumn!

  3. I hear ya. Boo, summer. I'm done with you.

  4. This is exactly how I felt last summer when I moved to TX. Luckily, this summer hasn't been the bear that last summer was. I can echo your feelings.

  5. it's ok. i just started pretending like we are on like, some other side of an equator.

    {except winter will STILL come. f*ck}