13 July 2010

food coma.

it happens every time. i come back to california, eat until i want to puke, gain five pounds in less than five days and promise myself i will NEVER EVER EVER do that again. but you know what? i really think it is worth it. i'll cleanse myself over the next week with a minimum of 1o hours of hot sweaty yoga ... and mas' crazy running work outs. or maybe i won't. maybe i'll just tie-dye some more.

{image via photo lovely abbytrysagain. i was going to include some photos of the food i ate, but am having issues i cannot wrap my head around right now with iphoto, maybe later, or maybe i'm just too embarassed.}


  1. i want pictures of the FOOD.

    all the yummy california food extra sucks when you actually live in california. :/

  2. unfortunately i can't blame my food comas on getaways as they pretty much happen every weekend. the tie-dyes in the previous post look awesome, by the way.

  3. sigh.

    come to durham, and you will eat more. sorry to break it to ya.

  4. Our good .. I liked it a lot.
    my congratulations

    I hope we can keep in touch.
    kiss and even more

    ps.voce is very beautiful

  5. I had a food coma this weekend too, my face feels huge, but i guess it was worth it. i can totally relate. p.s. that photo is really cool.