05 March 2010


heath. pretty, pretty heath via the new mom.

apparently you can make peelable wallpaper out of fabric and corn starch, i'm so very tempted. via dandelion & grey.

urban outfitters is getting into the wedding industry? i know it is the place to be, but really? i'm intrigued ... or confused? {image not from uo but from here instead}


  1. Yeah, one of the apartmenttherapys had a tutorial for fabric/starch wall decals. I've also stuck Contact Paper on my wall (temporarily), as another form of wall decor.

  2. I love the idea of Urban getting into weddings...and to hear that Anthropologie will be doing the same? It's too much excitement to bear!
    And I do think those bowls are perfectly fun.

  3. Did you ever try the wallpaper? It's such a brilliant idea.

    I am excited to see what Anthro & Urban produce on the wedding front! xo

  4. haven't tried the wallpaper...yet. i will do a post wallpaper post some time this spring/summer!