09 March 2010


today i am missing the cows we used to see every day. they used to eat our grass and let us know that it was time to wake up (even if we didn't want to).

today i am happy that we have the most perfect spot for a perfect garden that will be perfect for growing scrumptious tomatoes.



  1. Sounds yum! I plan to re-vamp my vegetable garden over spring break. Best of luck to you with yours! :]

  2. When I first went to college in NYC and told my new friends there that I used to see cows on the way to school everyday, they thought I was from Ohio or something. I'm from NJ. But I don't have that Jersey accent they imagined someone from NJ would have, and I didn't use hairspray in my hair, and I saw cows on the way to school. So it took me awhile to really convince them I was from NJ.

  3. Oh, we miss Cows too. We used to enjoy seeing them when we drove up the coast between northern and southern Ca but now we get so excited when we see one. "COW," we cry!