10 March 2010

wedding wednesday is back.

funny thing about weddings ... they just never stop being fun. going to them, writing about them, having them, planning them, designing invitations FOR them. really they just never ever get old. at least i don't think they do, but i suppose that is why i am in the industry. so this is my plan, every(ish) wednesday i will put together a grouping of things for a wedding inspired by an invitation that is making it's way through the studio. i am not re-working my brides' weddings (they are all perfection just the way they are) but there are some invitations that i LUST over, and these always get me thinking ... maybe we should have done it differently (which i know we should not have done, as we both thought our wedding day was perfection). so check back this afternoon for the first up in what i hope is at least a semi-weekly feature - wedding wednesday : inspired by ...

{image via lillian and leonard}


  1. oh. my. god. christine, your wedding was to die for. that shrug? priceless.