28 December 2012

Frances is the undisputed road trip queen.  She LOVES the car.  She LOVES road trips.  She LOVES her little nook in the back of the Prius filled with her sleeping bag.  SHE LOVES IT ALL.  

Anna on the other hand .....

Needs constant attention, a bajillion chewy things and a run before we actually enter the car.

Unfortunately the run before an 8 hour trip in the winter is not exactly what I call practical.  It is cold outside.  It is dark outside.  And really, I'd just rather get there.  This time both MAS and I made the trip and I think that got her overly excited.  She did not sleep for more than half an hour on that entire stupid trip.  The way back home was better, but still not exactly the most awesome.

Next up Anna, South Florida.


  1. Oh wow... I feel you! Lola was so bad and needy that we eventually had to bring her kennel along to contain her.

  2. where are your sunglasses from?

    1. They are from Warby Parker, Jasper.

  3. Aw, this is still adorable to read about tho. Hahaha. Anna is so cute!


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